HFCG Roller Press


HFCG series of roller press is developed by Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute on the basis of acquired advanced foreign technology. The development was completed with the financial support for scientific and technological research and development project under the state's seventh five years' plans. The first domestic manufactured roller press which was successfully applied into industrial production was launched by Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute on 1989.through the ongoing development was completed with financial support for scientific and technological research and development project under the state's eighth ,ninth and tenth five years' plans, with the overs 20 years' experience of application ,the 3rd generation HFCG Series which owns proprietary intellectual proprietary intellectual property right ,has rational design and performance superiority was launched ,its running rate can reached over 90 % ,it have been entitled States' scientific and technological progress second prize twice .The system with roller press may increase capacity by 50 % ~200 % ,save energy by 20 % ~40 % .Its techno -economic performance have reached advanced international level.

Working Principle

Two sets of motor rotate two mill rollers via gear reducers. Material inside pipes and bins is extracted into the clearance between the rollers due to actions of gravity and friction. Pressure was exerted on the material between the rollers by a hydraulic system through oil cylinders, bearing seats and bearings, so that the material is comminuted. The comminuted material (cakes) are transported into a breaking classifier via a transport equipment , where the material is broken and classified. The fine particles proceed with the grinding process (finished product can be drawn out of the process) while coarse particles return to roller press for repeated comminution.

AMCL's Co-operation agreement with CNBM (Hefei)

AMCL has signed Co-operation agreement with CNBM (Hefei) in December 2013 for supply and installation of Roller Press and complete solution in India for Clinker and Raw Material Grinding System on exclusive basis. CNBM Roller Press is its core technology and state of art proven machine. It is the first brand in Chinese market. Nearly 10 years, more than 100 sets per year has been produced, especially in 2009 and 2010, there were 170 sets. Total No. of operating Roller Press is more than 1400 sets. CNBM has entered in international market and supplied machines to Pakistan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Mongolia, Taiwan etc. They have over 60% market share in China.

Specifications of Roller Press Models







 Length (mm)






 Installed power(kw)



 2x800 ~ 2x1120

 2x1400 ~ x1600

 2x1800 ~ x2240

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Power Vs Production

Process Data sheet

Sieve Analysis


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