Turbo Ring Blower


  • Low noise & Vibration : Dynamic balancing minimizes vibration
  • Dust Proofed Shaft Seal : Protects bearing from contaminated air stream and possible foreign particle damage
  • High Reliability : Directly connected motor, shaft impeller provides reliable, long term performance, No gears, Belt, Motor, brushes or sliding blades to require periodic maintenance.
  • Space Efficient Design : Unique design results in substantial air flow sat moderate pressures in a minimum space and weight.
  • Versatility : Easily throttled and changed from pressure to suction operation. May be mounted in a variety of fashion
  • Stable Airflow : Centrifugal compressor design delivers smooth airflow with no pulsation.
  • High Pressure Airflow : Produces continuous high pressure airflow. The ring Blower is ideally suited to many industrial applications.

Ring Blowers are designed with practical regenerative theory, require no maintenance.

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