Construction Features

  • Head stock assembly with hardened and tempered main drum shaft
  • Zero speed drum collapsing system
  • Spring belted plydown mechanism
  • Triaxial stitcher
  • Ply and tread stitcher
  • Flipper stitcher
  • Tail stock design outer bead setter, inner and outer bead setter are pneumatically operated through independent cylinder
  • Control panel
  • Instrumentation panel
  • Foot valves
  • Foot switches
  • Line projectors etc.

Exclusive Features

  • Incorporates state of the art PLC control
  • Complete tyre building operation programmed
  • Auto /Jog mode facility available
  • Position control through pulse encoders in conduction with PLC ensuring productivity, precise control, improved quality and easy setting
  • PLC programmer provides facility for drum spotting for desired angle through operator panel
  • In Auto mode, after execution of each step, only one common step execution push button / foot switch is actuated to execute next step as per program
  • Step number display provided and also fault! alarms provided
  • Dynamic braking provided for all 3 speeds for main shaft / drum stoppage
  • Rear and Front brakes are bellows type brake
  • Auxiliary drums with ply turning around the bead also available (optional)

Optional items : Tyre building drum, Servicer, Ply cups, etc.

  • Tractor Rear and OTR Tyre Building Machines of similar design features are also manufactured.
  • Specifications to suit customized designs requirements can be incorporated.

Truck Tyre Building Machine RB5/1

AMCL's complete range of tyre building machines are manufactured to internationally accepted designs and have further been specifically matched to suit the Indian tyre Industry, thus ensuring consistently high productivity of quality tyres. These machines feature different controls such as Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic with varying degrees of sophistication and details. Additionally, safety features built into the design make the operations free from unintended errors.

Ply / Tread Stitcher

  • Completely Independent
  • Sturdy design with stitcher rollers supported with double fork link mechanism to provide rigidity
  • Lead screw is provided with split nut & angular contact anti-friction deep groove ball bearing
  • Three pressure stitching provided
  • Special stitcher roller design ensures zero air traps at the center.

Triaxial Stitcher

  • With dual tool capable of moving in all three axis with independent drive for each axis
  • Capable of performing turn down, contour stitching, bead stitching, toe stitching and tyre stripping
  • Dual stitching tool contacts the tyre under controlled pressure by pivoting about the rigid center line tool support post
  • Radial strip out operation incorporated.

Basic Specifications

 Product Size

 8.25-20 to 12.00-24


 Band Method or Single Ply Method

 Max Band Overhang (mm)

 250 each

 Max Bandwidth (mm)


 Drum Diameter (mm)

 530 to 860

 Drum Width (mm)

 450 to 750

 Drum Centre Height (mm)


 Drum Shaft Speed (rpm)

 3 Speed 254 / 153 / 47

 Main Drive Motor

 3 speed AC/DC Fan Cooled with Thermal Protection.

 Ply / Tread Stitcher Motor  0.7 KW - 1500 RPM DC Motor With Two Speed Setting
 Radial Motor  AC - TEFC 0.55 kw 1500 rpm with Brake
 Traverse Motor  AC - 0.55 kw Geared Motor with brake
 Contour Motor  DC - TEFC 0.55 kw Two Speed with Lower Speed Infinitely  Variable
 Main Shaft Drive  6 kw Special Duty

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