Tube Splicer

Inner Tube Splicing Machines:

The Inner Tube Splicing Machines are the mainstay in tube manufacturing plants. Their reliability is important to ensure consistent high strength tube joints and tubes durability.

AMCL - MIDLAND's comprehensive range of Tube Splicing Machines are acclaimed as the most advanced systems and provide the end user with a range of advantages. Their Microprocessor based Control System simplifies the complex sequences into simple and straightforward tasks for the operator.
AMCL - MIDLAND'S Tube Splicers are enhanced with advanced features such as:
• Dropping knife blades Precision knife guidance systems
• State-of-the-art knife heat control
• Solid state electrical control. Other special features such as hydraulic adjustment of tube width, simple knife cleaning facility, gravity scrap collection and swash-type hydraulic pump ensure the product's leadership in Splicer technology.

The standard AMCL - MIDLAND range of Inner Tube Splicing machines will join butyl and natural rubber or natural rubber and SBR blends, from bicycle to heavy off-the-road tubes. The machines are also suitable for the production of heat curing bags.





Tube Flat Width Maximum

200 mm

500 mm

750 mm

Flat Width Minimum

20 mm

120 mm

450 mm

Double Thickness


20 mm max
28 mm


20 mm max
28 mm


20 mm max.
28 mm

Minimum Unspliced Tube Length


800 mm
650 mm


800 mm
650 mm


1200 mm

Machine Height(Approx.)

1900 mm

1900 mm

2300 mm

Machine Width(Approx.)

1600 mm

1600 mm

2100 mm

Machine Depth(Approx.)

1600 mm

11600 mm

1700 mm

Nett Weight (Approx.)

2500 Kgs

2500 Kgs

5000 Kgs

Tubes Per Cycle




Approximate Machine Cycle Time

25-40 Seconds

25-35 Seconds

35-55 Seconds

Electric Supply

6.5 KW at 415V, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz
(Voltage and Frequency to suit customer requirements)

Operation Sequence

  • Heated knives are positioned just below the tube fold entry position.
  • Immediately the tube is clamped and the knives rise automatically to commence horizontal movement, cutting the tube along its width. This ensures cuffing operation without any delay.
  • The knives travel in 'creep' speed at the tube fold knife entry and exit points. This ensures free movement of the knives during tube cutting operation preventing the possible damage or distortion of the tube faces.
  • Once the knives have cleared the entry fold area at creep speed, they automatically change to "slow" speed and cut the main body of the tube. Both the "creep' and "slow" speeds are fully adjustable.
  • On completion of tube cutting operation, the knives immediately drop to enable splicing of cut edges using hydraulic pressure thus minimizing operation cycle time and maximizing productivity.


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